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  1. um Pepsi bezel, the GMT-Master 16700 is a Rolex watch from another era. However, it also benefits from modern touches such as sapphire crystal and white gold accents on the dial. An archetypical GMT-Master that marked the end of.
  2. Rolex GMT-Master Reference 16700 Ultimate Guide Rolex began its GMT-Master story in 1955 with its very first pilot watch made for Pan Am Airlines, the reference 6542. More than four decades later, the Swiss watchmaker concluded that chapter with its last GMT-Master watch - the ref. 16700
  3. Rolex GMT-Master 1675 was in production for 21 years Produced until 1980, the ref. 1675 is the longest running GMT-Master in Rolex's history and as a result, many variants were added to the mix. In the 1970s an all-black bezel version of the steel GMT-Master 1675 was added to join the popular red and blue Pepsi version
  4. 1989 erscheinen die GMT-Master 16700 mit Saphirglas und Kaliber 3175, sowie die GMT-Master II 16710 mit Kaliber 3185. Gleichzeitig wird erstmals die GMT-Master II in Stahl/Gold und Gold angeboten (Referenzen 16713 und 16718)
  5. Reference 16700 and 16710. The Rolex GMT-Master ref.16750 was replaced by the GMT-Master 16700 in 1989. Rolex also introduced the reference 16710 (we recently did an in-depth article on this reference here), the successor of the Fat Lady. At first, the tritium dials were still used but in approximately 1997 this changed towards Super-LumiNova

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The Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi (16700) is a watch model from the Rolex brand and GMT-Master collection. The average price of a Rolex 16700 on the private sales market is $13,067, while you can expect to pay $15,786 from a gray market dealer. 2,749 data point Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675 In 1959 the Rolex GMT-Master reference 6542 got an upgrade and was developed to be the new modern reference 1675. The new GMT-Master included a new fancy body with pointed crown guards (1959-1965) and a larger case

1988 erhielt auch die GMT-Master Saphirglas und die neue Lünette. Die Referenznummer änderte sich von 16750 auf 16700. Als Werk kam das Kaliber 3175 zum Einsatz. Gleichzeitig wurde das neue Kaliber 3185 in die GMT-Master II verbaut. Die Bezeichnung änderte sich von 16760 auf 16710. Rolex Submariner - Ref. 16610 / Rolex GMT-Master II - Ref. 1671 Die GMT-Master war die erste Rolex-Sportuhr, die man sowohl mit Oyster- als auch mit Jubilé-Band bekam. Die erste GMT-Master II: Fat Lady Die Referenz 1675 wurde 1980 von der Referenz 16750 mit neuem Werk und glänzendem Zifferblatt abgelöst. Da sie nur bis 1988 gebaut wurde, ist sie recht selten und gesucht Rolex GMT Master16700is the last GMT Master produced by Rolexfrom 1988 (serial n. R7*) to 1999, always with caliber 3175. In the same period, Rolex produced the second version of GMT Master: ref 16710. It's the first GMT Master marketed with sapphire crystal Model Name:Rolex GMT Master II. Caliber:3185 (late models with 3186),28800A/h, hacking, quickset (24-hour-hand) Pressure proof to100m/330ft. Bracelet:Oyster 78360 and 78790(Oysterlock), Jubilé 62510. Glass:Sapphire crystal. Bezel:Anodized aluminum, 120 clicks. Indexes: Tritium (until 1997): T<25 dial. Luminova (1998/99): Swiss dial

Laden Sie sich die Geschichte der Rolex GMT-Master jetzt gratis herunter und finden Sie es heraus! Neben dem Artikel zur Historie beinhaltet der Download natürlich auch Fotografien zahlreicher Modelle. So können Uhreninteressierte und Rolex-Fans die Geschichte der Rolex GMT-Master ganz genau nachverfolgen. [shop-widget] Der Download Die Geschichte der Rolex GMT-Master im Überblick. The Rolex GMT-Master 16750 was released cirka 1979/1980 (release dates back in the days were not as clear-cut as they are today) and was produced until 1988. This is quite a short production period for a Rolex model, and it is after its discontinuation that the watch has been identified as a transitional model

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The Rolex GMT-Master Reference 16700 perfectly represents 'Neo-Vintage' design with its classic proportions and materials that offer a potential for developing rich patina with age. A 16700 thusly presents an opportunity for the true enthusiast to witness that character develop first hand while offering robust internals and modern usability worthy of everyday wear. Its the kind of watch. History. After World War II, Rolex began developing tool watches for various professions. In 1954, the company released the Submariner and GMT-Master, both of which featured rotating bezels.The GMT-Master was the result of a joint venture between with Pan American World Airways, which had requested a watch to help pilots keep track of both local and GMT time eBay Kleinanzeigen: Gmt Master 16700, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal

Rolex GMT-Master 16700 Swiss Only Dial SERVICED BY ROLEX. £12,000. Free shipping. Professional dealer. 220. UK. Rolex GMT-Master Automatik Edelstahl Herrenuhr Oyster Ref.... £9,443. Sold by Chrono24 Rolex 16700 GMT Master Watch Box Inserat: 301 € Rolex 16700 GMT Master Watch Box 16700, Box; Zustand Gut; Standort: Japan, Kanagawa Über 400.000 Uhren sind durch den Käuferschutz abgesicher ROLEX GMT-MASTER 16700 Stahl Automatik Uhr 1993 - EUR 14.222,00. ZU VERKAUFEN! Rolex GMT-Master 16700 Stahl Automatik Uhr 1993 INKLUSIVE ALLEN PAPIEREN & BOX 19431334325 Kaufen Sie Rolex GMT-Master, Ref. 16700 Herrenuhren - Vintag

Was kostet eine Rolex 16750? Auf Chrono24 finden Sie Preise für 133 Rolex 16750. Weltweit vergleichen Traumuhr finden Sicher kaufe Beschreibung. Hallo, zum Verkauf steht meine Rolex GMT Master 16700 aus 1996. Die Uhr befindet sich im perfekten Zustand. Schön fettes Gehäuse, nicht rundpoliert. Das Band ist absolut perfekt und hat keinen Stretch. Das Pepsi Inlay ist gefadet. Die Uhr kommt mit Historie und Box, sowie Umkarton. Ein Echtheitszertifikat ist ebenso dabei The GMT Master 16700 was a replacement for the GMT Master 16750 and intended to be a cheaper option to the GMT Master II 16710 which was released at the same time. The Rolex GMT Master 16700 was only available with either BLRO red/blue Pepsi bezel insert or all black, there was never a red/black Coke version. The GMT Master 16700 was eventually discontinued in 1999

Rolex produzierte die Referenz 16700 bis 2001. Danach gab es ausschließlich die GMT-Master II mit der Referenz 16710, die ich in der Folge beschreibe. Referenz 16710 1989 bis 2008. Ebenfalls im Jahr 1989 führte Rolex die Referenz 16710 als Nachfolgerin der 16760 ein. Auch hier gilt Ähnliches wie beim Vergleich der 16700 mit der Vorgängerin 16750. Die Referenz 16710 hat nun ebenfalls ein. Rolex GMT Master 16700 is the last GMT Master produced by Rolex from 1988 (serial n. R7*) to 1999, always with caliber 3175. In the same period, Rolex produced the second version of GMT Master: ref 16710. It's the first GMT Master marketed with sapphire crystal. Insert. The watch has been produced with two different insert bezels: Pepsi; All blac

Rolex GMT Master 16700 is the last GMT Master produced by Rolex from 1988 (serial n. R7*) to 1999, always with caliber 3175.In the same period, Rolex produced the second version of GMT Master: ref 16710. It's the first GMT Master marketed with sapphire crystal Rolex GMT-Master History. The reason I need a Rolex GMT-Master II is that it is essentially perhaps the most famous travel watches. For quite a while, it was somewhat in the shadow of the Rolex Submariner and Daytona, however gratuitous. It is an extraordinary apparatus watch, which I love, even with the Oyster wristband with the cleaned focus connect (frequently alluded to as 'pcl') or. Rolex GMT-Master History. The Rolex GMT-Grasp (II) lastly stepped out of the shadow of its diving brother, the Submariner. With the introduction of the ceramic Pepsi and Batman (on Jubilee) lately, the hype is actual. Lengthy ready lists and market costs far over retail end in upset prospects, however that doesn't appear to decelerate the demand

Reference: 16700 Serial-Nr.: T741xxx Year: 1996 Dial: Tritium dial Movement: automatic Bracelet: Steel 78790/501B Condition: very good Description: The GMT-Master is in very good condition. Pepsi Insert Full set from 1996. Rolexservice 2013 Continue readingROLEX GMT-MASTER FS: 1993 Rolex GMT Master 16700 Serial #: S774XXX Description: Case: The case has just returned from polishing showing sharp prominent bevels. The blue and red bezel insert is also in excellent condition with the red portion of the insert showing

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Reference 1675 (Concorde, No Crown Guards) Early 1960s-65. Rolex's ad campaigns from the 1960s and '70s are some of the most iconic and effective examples of watch marketing ever seen. In this ad from 1968, Rolex promotes this gold GMT-Master as the wristwatch worn by the test-pilots at the helm of the Concorde during its experimental flights The GMT-Master 16700 was interestingly introduced after Rolex had already introduced its then-new GMT-Master II collection, offering a less expensive alternative to the ref. 16710 GMT-Master II model. Compared with its GMT-Master II counterpart, the GMT-Master reference 16700 appeared similar but did not have independently adjustable hour hands and lacked the jump-hour feature of Rolex GMT.

The History of the Rolex GMT Master by Tendancehorlogerie.com Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website ROLEX GMT Master 16700 Année: 1999 -Ecrin: Ecrin D'origine -Certificat d'origine: Papiers d'origine -Garantie Kronos: 12 mois -Genre: Homme -Sous-titre: GM... +33 1 82 83 36 92 Showroom . Trustpilot. Fr ; En ; Ru ; It ; De ; De . Warenkorb (0,00 €) (Leer) 0. Keine Artikel. versandkostenfrei Portokosten . 0,00 € Gesamt. Zu meiner Bestellung. Mit Erfolg zugesetztes Produkt. Weiter einkaufen.

The 38mm Rolex GMT-Master (ref. 6542) was introduced in 1954, and it was then the first of its kind. Using the Turn-O-Graph as a template, it took on a coloured bezel (blue for hours marked 19:00 to 05:00, and red for hours marked 06:00 to 18:00), along with a fourth hand that tracks the hour on the bezel's 24-hour scale. It also had a date aperture, with Rolex's cyclops lens fitted on its. The Rolex GMT Master 16700 series is the last one which also featured the exceedingly popular Pepsi Bezel before it was discontinued in ca 2006.Different movements were fitted in the different references. The 16700 does not allow to set the hour hand separately like the 16710. Values are steadily going up these models are gaining more and more interest. SKU: 1.1.819: Brand: Rolex: Model: GMT. A brief history of the Rolex GMT-Master series. The Rolex GMT-Master watch debuted in 1955. Explicitly developed for Pan Am pilots, it can track two time zones. The carefully designed Rolex watch includes an additional hour hand (one revolution every 24 hours) and a 24-hour rotating bezel on the dial. Therefore, to see the second time zone, the pilot has to rotate the bezel to adjust the. Rolex still offers the GMT-Master in their current collection, though already by the name GMT-Master II but still with the signature blue-red bezel (only available with the white gold case nowadays, click here) among the many other variants. But let's get back to the Rolex GMT-Master 1675. This reference was the second version of this iconic watch, 6542 being the first and 5 more coming.

Throughout the model's history, it has held onto its position in the market as the watch of choice for world travelers and pilots. In 1957, the stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master 1675 was priced at $240 ($2,027 with inflation). Just a few years later, in 1978, the price for the GMT-Master 1675 increased to $795, or $2,984 when adjusting for inflation. In 1986, the 1675 had a price of $1,450. GMT Master II 16700 and 16710 The Rolex GMT Master II 16700 replaced the ref. 16750 and the ref. 16710 became the successor of the Fat Lady. It changed from the tritium dials to the Super Luminova. The drastic change between the references was in the movement, they had had caliber 3175 in the ref. 16700 and caliber 3185 in ref. 16710 Rolex has a storied history with their GMT-Master collection of timepieces, starting with the very first pilot watch ever made specifically for Pan Am Airlines back in 1955. And over the next 40 years, the GMT-Master timepieces have been leaders in luxury, class, and elegance that you've come to trust with Rolex

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Find great deals on eBay for gmt master rolex 16700. Shop with confidence History of Replica GMT-Master 16700. Replica Rolex GMT Master Automatic 16700. This Rolex watch replica is a classic sports watch. Before the release of this watch, they had already launched GMT-Master II. During that time, two versions of the same series of watches launched at the same time mainly for economic reasons. Then, after ten years of production at GMT-Master 166700 watch, the watch.

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Rolex GMT-Master Watches. The GMT master was the produced for PAN AMERICAN AIRLINE pilots in 1954 and was the first Rolex wristwatch to tell the exact time in two different time zones simultaneously. According to history, the aviators used it originally to give Greenwich Mean Time, hence its name Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Rolex GMT-Master - 16700 - 1996 - Edelstahl bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi Item Description 140.8.89structions booklet to is m0ith ChronoWatch warranty card & 6 months warranty on the movement rard Perregauginal brown leather strap with bucklenal rotatingpproximationfairly used 4/10 conditionMarch 2021papersementega 003el rotatingentbilee Stainless Steel bracelet with folding clasp

MINT Rolex GMT-Master II Stainless Steel Black 40mm Ceramic Date Watch 116710 LN. Pre-Owned. C $14,239.34. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Trending at C $19,521.60. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. From United States. Buy It Now The Rolex GMT-Master originated in the age of transcontinental flights. During the 1950's, airplanes began crossing several time zones within a short period of time. As a result, the need for a watch that enabled its wearer to keep an eye on concurrent time zones arose. Back then, it was the pilots who primarily needed to know the time for both departure and destination airports. Thus, Rolex. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi 40mm 16700 1990 B&P Box Papers bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel Rolex Pepsi GMT Master 16700 1997 Men's Steel Watch Full Set Box + Papers + History Including box, documentation, original 1997 receipt and latest Rolex service card. The watch will be shipped fully insured the next business day after receipt of payment. ONLY B/A/N/K T/R/A/N/S/F/E/R! Don't buy if you don't agree! Thank you for understanding!-Rolex Pepsi GMT Master 16700 1997 Herren Stahluhr.

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Replica ETA Schweizer Uhren Onsale Rolex GMT-Master 16700 [16700] - Diese Pre-Owned Rolex GMT-Master aus dem Sortiment kommt mit einer schwarzen Baton Zifferblatt, Uhrengehäuse und Stahl a Steel (Oyster) Armband. Diese Pre-Owned Rolex-Uhr kommt mit einem Watchfinder 12 Monate Garantie Rolex GMT Master rot blau Pepsi no Hole Stick Dial Stahl Automatik 3186 Armband Oyster 40mm Ref.16710 Vintage Bj.2010 Box&Pap. LC EU Full Set eine der letzten Unpoliert mit Zertifikat über 25.000,- Rolex GMT-Master Stahl Uhr 16700 Pepsi Papiere Box 1993 Vintage. 12.990 € Gewerblicher Händler. 130. DE. Rolex GMT-Master I Ref. 16700. 9.980.

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Rolex GMT Master I A serial Roll Women Unisex blau Red Pepsi Ref. Rolex 16700 GMT Master Red / Blue Pepsi Bezel Transitional NICE Used Rolex Batman watches sell for roughly 15,500 USD. While 2019 saw the retirement of the original Batman, it also marked the introduction of its predecessor, the ref. 126710BLNR. This timepiece is largely identical to its successor but comes on a Jubilee bracelet. Rolex was able to accomplish this with the now iconic 24-hour hand and bi-color 24-hour bezel. In its almost 70-year history, the Rolex GMT-Master has gone through several updates, while keeping the design DNA that fans have come to love. Explore our collection of authentic, pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master watches for men and women at SwissWatchExpo This is one of the coolest Rolex watches I've ever owned. The size is perfect for any wrist and the bidirectional bezel is just wonderful to turn. The true GMT movement with the jumping hour hand makes this model a thousand times better than it's 16700 counterpart. The fact that it comes with both the Pepsi and Coke bezel inserts makes it that much better. You can change the look of this. Rolex 16700 GMT Master 'Pepsi' This iconic watch is a Rolex 16700 GMT Master with Pepsi bezel inlay and it's currently for sale at Watchworks Haarlem. Some background information about the Rolex GMT 16700: Production Period: 1988-1999 Model Name: Rolex GMT Master Caliber: 3175, 28800A/h, hacking, quickset (direct) Pressure proof to 100m/330ft Bracelet: Oyster 78360 and 78790 (Oysterlock.

Ref. 16700 In a somewhat puzzling move, Rolex decided not to designate the GMT-Master II and its revolutionary innovations as the exclusive representative of the GMT line. Rather, they retained and transformed the old non-independent hour hand version with a new case, sapphire crystal, ratcheting bezel and gloss/WG surround dial Rolex GMT Master 16700 5144 Jahr: 1995 -Box: Kronos box -Das Echtheitszertifikat von Kronos: Ja -Garantie von Kronos: 1 Jahr -Gender: Herrenuhr -Lieferung:.

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GMT Master 1 (the one is important as noone wants to wear a watch with number 2 on the dial), bezel attractivly faded to pink (naturall fading), S-Series from 1993 The 16700 Reference was the last GMT 1 reference and also the first (and last) that came with a saphire glas. Tritium Dial. The watch was serviced in Dezember 2019 for 700 Euro at a professional watchmaker Rolex GMT Master history began as an aviator’s watch, developed in cooperation with Pan Am. Since flying distances were increasing in the 40's and 50's, pilots were traveling through multiple time zones fairly regularly. They wanted a watch that would tell them the time in multiple zones at once, so Rolex added a fourth hand and placed the corresponding hour markers on the outer bezel.

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Rolex GMT-Master 16700. Zum Vergrößern anklicken: Zum Vergrößern anklicken. Für einen sicheren Kauf ist unseren Uhren das Echtheitszertifikat beigefügt und jede ist im internationalen CHS Archiv registriert. Preis 11.800,00 € Verfügbarkeit: Verkauft. Hallo Forum, heute stelle ich ich euch meine 1997 neu erworbene 16700 vor. Bisher noch keine Revision erhalten, läuft sie immer noch einwandfrei. http://i1374. covid-19 update: unser onlineshop ist vollstÄndig in betrieb. versand weltweit ist kein problem. wir versenden mit dhl und fedex. wir wÜnschen ihnen viel vergnÜgen beim durchstÖbern unserer angebote Wrist Sport or Crying Disgrace is right here to see in case you worth historical past with a take a look at a Rolex GMT-Grasp 16700. Earlier than we get into the Rolex GMT-Grasp 16700, let's spend a second on final week's topic, the Yema Bipole Duopoly.. For $569, or lower than most of you spend on a pair of city-bound retro mining boots, you completely denied this French oddity with a.

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Rolex Gmt-Master Coke 16700. Referenz: 16700 Verkauft. Rolex Gmt-Master Coke 16700. Referenz: 16700 Unser Preis: € 12.175,- Dieser Artikel wurde bereits verkauft. Interessieren Sie sich für diesen Artikel? Wir werden Sie per E-Mail benachrichtigen, sobald wir einen ähnlichen Artikel erhalten.. Ever evolving toward greater precision, Rolex ceased production of the GMT-Master in 1999 to focus on the technologically advanced GMT-Master II. Eventually, the aluminum bezel inserts were replaced with virtually indestructible ceramic in several of the iconic color combinations. But, for the most part, this classic has retained all the trappings that made it part of the modern watch canon. Rolex GMT Master Black 16700. Regular Price: £339.00 . Special Price £132.35 . Add to Cart Options. Quick View. Sale. Rolex GMT Master Black 16750 . Regular Price: £339.00 . Special Price £132.35 . Add to Cart Options. Sort By: 10 Item(s) Show: Featured. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15000ST. Regular Price: £329.00 . Special Price £128.85 . About replicaukwatches.com. We have in stock a wide. Marke: Rolex Kollektion: GMT Master Modell: 16700 Geschlecht: Herren Uhrwerk: Automatisch Gehäusegröße: 40 MM Gehäusematerial: Edelstahl 316 Armband Material: Edelstahl 316 (Auster) Zifferblatttyp: Schwar With the original Rolex box and papers this watch is a stunning piece of modern luxury watch history. 16700 Rolex Pepsi GMT Master Stainless Steel Watch. Then of course we have the 16700 Rolex Pepsi. Before releasing the new trio of the 1671x family Rolex brought us the 16700. One of the world's very best GMT watches as well as the iconic color combination of the Rolex Pepsi brought back to.